Star Glam Entertainments was founded in 2015 by Harveena Sandhu and Bhavesh Kothari. We execute successful events and cultural activities that all aim to bring Canada’s diverse communities together. With a focus on communication and entertainment, our events are custom designed to create a platform for all parties involved; right from the guests attending the event, the team and partners assisting in its development and execution, the vendors promoting their businesses, the artists, contestants, caterers, supports, advertising campaigns and privileged sponsors. We hosted the celebrations of Karva Chauth 2015, the Toronto Waves 2 Boat Cruise and many other back to back Sham-E-Gazal Events with Dr. Roshan Bharti and Athar Hussain Khan.

Here at Star Glam Entertainments We dedicate our practice to creating the best experiences for our clients, our guests and our investors; activating Brands, Businesses and Customers

Our team is made up of incredible personalities that blow event management out of this world! We are not only dedicated to each event we put on, we use our connections and resources to benefit our supporters as well.

As the lead in one of the fastest growing organizations in this market, we continue to come out on top no matter the event type, venue, targets etc.

Harveena Sandhu


Harveena is the Co-Founder of Star Glam Entertainments, Winner of Mrs Karva Chauth in 2000, 2001 & 2002. She is also Team Coordinator with ACN.

Bhavesh Kothari


Bhavesh is an Entrepreunuer and Partner in Star Glam Entertainments. He has a BSc Pharmacy and has a real passion for the Entertainment Industry